Coach rental for large and small groups

We offer the perfect vehicle for every occasion. According to your specific needs, you can choose a van, a minibus, a midibus, a coach or a double-decker coach! Oberbus Rental can meet the needs of groups from 7 to more than 100 people!

Read more about the types of buses available and find out which is the most suitable for your group trip.

noleggio pullman 7 - 22 posti

7 - 24 seats

The Sprinter Van is the most suitable type of minibus for groups of few people. Thanks to the versatility and agility of this vehicle, you will be able to move to places that are inaccessible to larger buses, and there will be no parking problems.

noleggio pullman 30 - 40 posti

28 - 40 seats

Suitable for medium-sized groups (28 - 40 people), the "midibus" is something between the minibus and a classic 50-seater coach. Its small size makes it perfect for multi-stage trips and fits pretty well into busy city streets.

noleggio pullman 60 - 70 posti

50 - 56 seats

The "coach bus" is the most classic of coaches. It is also known as the “Gran Turismo coach”, since its equipment is designed for long journeys in total comfort and safety. It has a large trunk and is generally equipped with a toilet, WiFi, a mini fridge, electrical sockets, monitors and more.

noleggio pullman 78 - 93 posti

64 - 84 seats

If your group consists of 64 to 84 people, but you prefer not to split the group over several vehicles, the double-decker coach is the one for you. This type of coach is also equipped with all the comforts available for a Gran Turismo coach and it is as much as suitable for long-distance journeys.

On board you will find:

Free WiFi
USB port
Power outlet
Coffee machine
Mini fridge
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Covid-19, safety first

Traveling safely is our priority. This is why we are committed to complying with all Italian and European anti-Covid regulations and constantly updating our security measures to stop the spread.

Cleaning on board

Before every journey, each vehicle is carefully cleaned and sanitized.

Staff wearing masks

Trustworthy and professional drivers always wearing masks.

Hand sanitizers

For the entire duration the journey, you will have additional hand sanitizers on board.

Seat customization

Customize the seating arrangement for additional safety.

types of buses for rental

types of buses for rental

learn about our types of buses for rental